8 Links to Programmer Jokes Pages

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Some jokes about our profession.

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  1. Hey! That was funny man. Mind if I share a dumb joke with ya? I know it’s kinda silly, but oh well. Ok, What do you call a louisiana bear? Hebert! Get it? Probably not. I guess it’s just a Louisiana one. I’ve been looking for jokes and pranks on the net all day man. The funniest one I found were kinda bad, but it seems like they are the best. I like all blond jokes too. I found some really wild prank calls on youtube. Just search “prank phone calls” on there and that should keep you going for like a day alone! I even found a place that shows you how to make your own stink bombs. I haven’t tried it yet, but I want to if my momma will let me. So what makes you smile the most? Do you like that show Jack Ass? Knoxville is so wild! Well thanks for the laughs. I had fun!

  2. I want to add site which I made for fun like this.