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H1 tags are one of the most important part of SEO which is the header tag situated in body of a website. It can be termed as the most simple form of header found on a web page. Through h1 tags search engines come to know about the site content details. If its used in proper co-ordination with anchor text and title tag then you can even expect increased density of website traffic from major search engines like Yahoo, MSN and Google.

Although the feature of h1 tags is not new and is present since years, but from last few years its significance has grown due to increased demand by Google. It carries much more importance than keyword meta tag and description meta tag. The best position to place these H1 tags is at the header situated above the content. Experts recommend to exclude the HREF links from the tag. When you keep a link in h1 tag, it gives the impression to the search engines that the linked web page is more important rather than the present page.

Those desiring to keep a descriptive link to their own page can use the link along with proper anchor text including content of that particular web page. The tags produced by h1 are of largest form, and are very important requiring to be used independently having same HTML commands.

They also consists of same attributes having higher level of suitability like the Class, Align and ID attributes. Always keep the header tag at the top of the web page. You should know this that- when Google scans a web page, it goes from top left to the bottom right of the page. Search engines generally view websites from text perspective instead of graphical point of view.

Place the h1 header tag on the top left hand side or middle part of your web page, as here the main content is found. You can even use the h1 header tag as the title for the content present on that particular page.

You can also construct sub-keywords having same heading tags. In order to separate the text in the tags they are made BOLD, thus they get separated from other text on the page.

Usually search engines are in the search of important and authentic text on the web pages. And when h1 tags are used, they are considered signifying anything important thus giving more visibility to the heading tags.

By Alan Smith

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  1. The value of the h-tag is one of the better kept SEO secrets. The h2 & h3 tags also carry value, so using them to categorise and headline information with your chosen keywords or phrases is ultimately of great value. Headlines are noticed by the search engine spiders, for sure!

  2. I think the H1 tag is over rated. As long as you have optimized content on the page the heading tags won’t make much of a difference. However, it is good to place optimized content as far up on the page as possible (ie higher in the code).

  3. Google’s SEO Starter Guide mentions the importance of header tags for SEO.

  4. Ken

    As I recover from the recent Panda update, I found that my WP blog used h2 tags for my article titles. I have updated all the title tags to H1, so I hope Google will re rank my articles now. I have corrected several keywords as well. Thanks for the excellent content on this important issue.

  5. The h tags are the headings you have on a webpage.

    You can have h1, h2, h3 etc etc – the most important is the h1 so put your most important keyword in here.

    The code is KEYWORD

    h tags will definitely help your SEO.

  6. But if i use the H1 tag on the page then it looks odd. Can we use css so we can make it small and attractive.

  7. Priyanka, yes you can. It will not affect the SEO of the page.