Top 4 Reasons To Prefer Slow, Steady And Balanced Link Building

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A quick search for search engine optimization companies in the search engines basically shows you that there are lots of search engine optimization and link building companies. The dilemma however is in the different claims and disparity in time line within which clients’ websites can be highly ranked.

Some link building services make claims of fast higher search engine rankings while others make claims of slow, steady, balanced link building. These often confuse prospects and intending clients.

But since many are not very knowledgeable about the process of link building and want ultra fast results, they often opt for the companies offering the fast high search engine rankings. So, if you can get ranked “quickly”, why should you opt for a slow, steady and balanced link building method or service and jettison a fast one?

  1. Google De-indexes and Kicks out Unnaturally Fast Links
    What many people do not know is that there is a measuring yardstick. If the links come up too fast, your rankings will get de-indexed or sandboxed. Ask anyone who has tried to build thousands of backlinks in a short while, it never pays as the search engines see it as suspicious and spam-like even when the link sources are genuine. While you might think you may get ranked again, experience has shown that all de-indexed, sandboxed or blacklisted urls are often useless as they will never be allowed in the search engines anymore.
  2. Google and Other Search Engines Recommend that Link Building Be Natural
    Slow, steady, and balanced link building methods often appear natural to the search engine bots. This way, websites tend to move up the ranks slowly, but very surely. Not just that, google never ever appreciates links that are not natural-looking. According to Matt Cutts of Google, “The objective is not to “make your links appear natural”, the objective is that your links are natural.”. This is what a slow but sure link building method does for your website.
  3. Guarantees You Lasting Higher Search Engine Ranking
    While the fast methods may get you a temporary higher ranking, the truth is that they’ll get shot down as soon as the search engine bots find them. If you want your rankings to remain permanent or as close to permanent as possible, then you should flee from all companies and link building services that promise you top spots within a few weeks. They use what is known in the industry as black hat tactics; and these are intensely frowned upon by the search engines.
  4. Covers All the bases
    A natural looking link building campaign often comes across as extensive. Examples of this include directory and search engine submissions. But with a slow, steady and balanced link building campaign, all the bases are covered including press releases, directory submissions, link baiting, one-way linking, backlink building, guest blogging, social bookmarking and so on.

Now that you know the reasons, only hire a company that offers slow, steady and balanced link building campaigns. It will pay off in the long term.


By Jack Jaron

Jack Jaron is a niche SEO copywriter who loves to read and write about latest SEO trends. Currently, he is working for, a professional SEO company that offers organic and advanced link building services, permanent one way backlinks and more affordable SEO services at very competitive prices. Visit to know more about one way link building.

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