A few weeks ago I posted Taking Thumbnails of a Website, that shows how to take a screen shot of a website using the Web Browser control. I used the code from the post to develop SiteCapture as an open source application.

SiteCapture is quite customizable. You could choose the browser width and height, as well as the output image's width, height and file format. All these details are saved by URL. I designed the application this way because this is how I capture websites screen shots for by blog and since I'm not a graphic designer I guess most other bloggers and webmasters will be doing the same. For example I have my blog's URL saved with a 120 by 120 image output size for web directories that require me to upload the thumbnail.

The data is saved in a SQLite database. I used the System.Data.SQLite ADO.NET 2.0 provider. This is the first time I try this provider and I must say it was very easy to install and it had great Visual Studio integration.