• 2009-11-23
  •   SEO

You have finally designed and opened your website for business and now you are looking for the next step. It should be obvious what you should do next to get traffic through to your website; advertise. SEO is one of the best ways to target people and get them to check out your website and is fairly easy to optimize your site. Unfortunately, it is also just as easy to make a mistake and have the search engines penalize and devalue your site because of it. Here are some of the common mistakes that people make when learning SEO.

The most common of these mistakes is keyword stuffing. While you want as many keywords as possible, you also want your content to sound professional and intelligent. Using the same keywords over and over again in the same sentence will make is seem like you hired an elementary student to write your content for you. Search engines will see this as Spam and it will cost you points in rank. Not to mention that visitors coming through your website will read your content and get confused as to what you are really trying to say and most likely leave to find a better site.

Good SEO involves constant maintenance and updating. Most site owners will load their website with all the information they have and never add or update the information again. It doesn't matter whether that information is extremely well written or horrible; a website that does not get updated with fresh new content will decrease in ranking and traffic. At first, you may get a great amount of traffic to come through, but as time goes by, people will realize they have already gotten the information they needed from you and not come back again. One way to fix this is adding a section for discussion where visitors can interact with other users. Creating a blog can also keep visitors coming back for more.

Another mistake that web business owners make is focusing more on design than content. Of course you would want your site to look very appealing, but you should also focus on making it user-friendly also. Having too much design on your website, like Flash and Java can dramatically slow down your site and take longer to fully load. This can make the visitor impatient and close or leave your site. As long as the visitor can easily find what they need and be able to navigate to it, your website should be a success. Avoiding these mistakes can be great for your website. Be careful though, these are just a few of the simple mistakes you can make. Always ask yourself whether your site is appealing to visitors and search engines. For more information on SEO and website building, please visit http://breezego.com/.

By Salem Hassan

Salem Hassan is a business marketing director for BreezeGoSEO.com, an Internet Marketing Agency. Salem writes on a wide spectrum of topics related to family, business, consumer best interests, marketing, and other related topics.