Here is a list of technology blogs that are updated daily or multiple times a day.

Boing Boing

Started as a zine in 1988 by Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair, became a website in 1995 and later relaunched as a blog in 2000. The gadgets blog was added in August 2007 and was headed by former Gizmodo editor Joel Johnson.


Launched in March 2004, Engadget is a multilingual technology blog and podcast about gadgets and consumer electronics. Engadget currently has nine separate websites, all operating simultaneously with each having its own staff, which cover technology news in different parts of the world in their respective languages. It is updated multiple times a day and also posts rumors about the technological world and frequently offers opinion within its stories. It was co-founded by former Gizmodo technology weblog editor and co-founder, Peter Rojas.


A technology weblog about consumer electronics. It is part of the Gawker Media network run by Nick Denton. It's known for up-to-date coverage of the technology industry and the personal, humorous writing style of the contributors. It was launched in 2002, was originally edited by Peter Rojas, but he was recruited by Weblogs, Inc. to launch their similar technology blog Engadget. By mid-2004, Gizmodo and Gawker together were bringing in revenue of $6,000 per month.


Lifehacker is an advertising-supported weblog about life hacks and software which launched on January 31, 2005. The site is owned by Gawker Media and covers Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux programs as well as time-saving tips and tricks. The staff updates the site about 18 times each weekday, with reduced updates on weekends. The Lifehacker motto is "Tips and downloads for getting things done."


TechCrunch is a blog company that profiles startup companies, products and websites. It was founded by Michael Arrington in 2005. The blog's first post was on June 11, 2005. As of July 9, 2009, it has over 3,337,000 RSS feed subscribers as measured by FeedBurner. On August 27, 2008, TechCrunch rolled out a new website design.


Techmeme is a technology news aggregator. The website has been described as "a one-page, aggregated, filtered, archiveable summary in near real-time of what is new and generating conversation". Gabe Rivera was a compiler programmer at Intel before launching tech.memeorandum on September 12, 2005 after working on it for a year; it was later renamed to Techmeme. The website is funded entirely by Rivera, and has no investors; its only employees, besides Rivera, are Omer Horvitz and Megan McCarthy. Techmeme uses an algorithm to order stories by importance, which depends on several factors that include the number of links to the story's web page and how old the story is.