• 2009-11-02
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Effective website marketing begins with understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its terminology. It is also important when marketing online to understand how to implement SEO into creating an attractive web page that will be found by both search engines and prospective buyers.

The concept of SEO is to utilize recognized techniques in order to help a web page or website to be placed higher in the search engine rankings. Top ranked pages will be displayed on the first pages of a search engine list. This list will be found by prospective viewers and clients when they search for related keywords.

What is a keyword? A keyword is a specific word or phrase that helps search engines identify what a web page or website is about.

It might be tempting to overload a page with a single keyword. This is a mistake and should be avoided. Search engines use algorithms that change constantly in order to give their users the best results for their search. Keyword stuffing is contrary to that goal.

A generally accepted practice for use of keywords involves using keywords in specific places with a specific frequency.

The keywords are determined by what the page is about and what people are searching for in relation to that topic. When creating a web page, keywords will be chosen and placed in the source code. The first keyword listed is the primary keyword. Up to approximately four more related keywords will then be listed.

The primary keyword or keyword phrase should be used in the title and description sections of the web page's source code.

Also in the source code are H1 and H2, which refer to a web page's headings. The headings should include the most important or primary keywords.

The main text of the web page to be optimized for website marketing should include a keyword density of approximately five to fifteen percent. One or two keywords in the text should be in bold or italics. Also, using the keywords in subheadings is a good practice. In the first and last paragraphs keywords need to appear at least once but preferably twice, and in the first and last sentences of the text when possible.

Another important aspect for creating an easily found website is to include images or pictures. When including images, it is important to name or anchor the images with the same keywords used on the page.

Of course, SEO isn't just about keywords. Cross-links between the pages of the site and quality back links from other websites help identify a website as having pertinent and good information. The closer the links relate to the topic referenced by the primary keyword, the better the page will rank. Having a high ranking page which contains quality information for visitors will help in marketing to possible repeat customers.

When attempting to create a web page for online marketing, the most important aspect of getting a higher ranking in the search engines is to create a quality product; then give visitors quality information about that product. To improve SEO marketing online, follow the accepted guidelines and continue to learn about marketing using SEO techniques.

By Jeremy Smith

A freelance writer. For more information on Search Engine Optimization please visit http://www.customermagnetism.com/.