The world of internet has opened doors to the revolutionary way of doing business and shopping. The network of the World Wide Web allows the website viewers to even purchase online. This is done majorly through shopping carts facilities that are available on the Ecommerce websites. Shopping cart is software that enables the site owner to organize the buying and the selling activities on the web. Shopping carts not only displays the physical products of the businessmen on the site, but it also gives easy navigation and detailed information to the buyers. In addition, shopping cart also handles the shipping activities, data calculation, taxes and credit card details. Hence, shopping cart development must be done carefully.

Since there are many companies providing the facility of online portal development, it has become necessary to provide with our own precise details of requirements. An ideal shopping cart should have following features:

  1. A shopping cart should generate dynamic forms. It should be able to execute codes accurately.
  2. A well developed shopping cart must also calculate the shipping and taxes on the shopping done by the user.
  3. It is must for the shopping cart program to have a secured credit card transaction. It should keep the private details of the user intact securely.
  4. Provide the user with options. You can consider the option of providing the user with a search box wherein they can type the name of the product they are looking for.

However, while including these features in the shopping cart it is also necessary to avoid certain pitfalls that can prove hazardous to your online business. Here are the five horrendous mistakes to avoid while developing a shopping cart.

  1. Avoid usage of the word ‘Buy’ on the button- this is important as the word buy may intimidate the user. The user might get frightened with the buy button if he/she is simply surfing and do not wish to actually buy them. Therefore, uses the words add to the cart instead of buy.
  2. Avoid giving any different name to shopping cart. There is a human tendency to be something different from others. This is good, but not in business and especially not in online business as it might mislead the customer. Customers might get confused or might also feel disgusted, as they would think it to be your trick for selling products.
  3. Avoid prior registrations to add items in the shopping cart. This might discourage many of the viewers of the site as they might feel it is time consuming and most certainly if they do not wish to buy, then it seems unnecessary wastage of energy and time. Mostly, the prospective buyers will also not wish to provide their personal details prior to the purchase of the products. And website url should be Search Engine Marketing friendly.
  4. Avoid disguising the real amount of the product. Make sure that all your products show the real purchasing prices including shipping and taxes when the buyer selects the product for buying.
  5. Avoid having difficult tasks on the software. You should keep the software that is easily accessible by the prospective buyer. It is very bugging to retype or re-select the product for buying the same thing in more quantity is simply bugging, keep it automated.

Hope this answers all your doubts regarding shopping cart development. There are various ecommerce shopping cart development companies which provides you with complete services for the shopping cart development and online portal development.

By James John

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