Establishing trust with the customers is highly essential for earning profits and higher sales. The trust factor is same for a physical shop as well as a website. If you have offered quality product first time, the same thing is expected when they come second time for purchase and if you fail to offer that similar quality, they look out for another website.

People's trust once broken is difficult to restore, the reasons might be many and different in nature. Sometimes companies make fake promises at the time of sale and fail to fulfill it or are unable to deliver quality goods or services. Nearly all customers might have been duped of their expectations by merchants once in their lives, or have listened to their friends or relatives about the bad experience.

A website that looks trustworthy scores well with the customers. Generally people have the tendency to generalize the things, so overall website appearance and look is very important.

The world of internet is very huge and diversified. Apart from genuine players, you would also find phishing websites that are on constant hunt for user names and passwords of people. Therefore many target customers are highly reluctant in providing their details to websites that don't seem to be trustworthy.

A site that succeeds in developing confidence factor in their clients are successful in selling their products/services to them. Market is basically dominated by feelings and emotions of the customers. A product that fulfills clients' needs are demanded repeatedly by them, thus creating brand loyalty.

Creating such strong base of trust via websites is also possible via- 'website seal'. This seal is very important as it protects your data as well as customers' details. When you give value and preference to your customers, you would get the same from them. Buying products from websites that offer safety to them is also preferred by people.

If you think that a site seal occupies too much space which is not true, they take very small space on your website. Customers feel secure when you communicate to them that you want to protect their privacy and confidential information. Website seal gives the impression that care to safeguard your customers' data and their hard earned money too.

The basic idea is to make your target customers feel that you value them, and in turn they would take your offering and your products more seriously. Some confidential information includes credit card numbers and passwords. So what are you waiting for go have a trust seal for your site!

By Alan Smith

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