The art of designing calls for creativity and artistic excellence. Paintings, splendid edifices are nothing but little feats of imagination.

Web designing is a new form of art and has emerged as a happening thing in the modern times. Imagination and technical intelligence come at play and give birth to beautiful web designs.

Beautiful and organized websites have an innate ability to garn more traffic. Although, there is no dearth of websites that fail to keep to the desired standards but it is always wise to keep off guard. Here, an attempt has been made to cite the basic guidelines in web designing.

  1. Things to avoid: Do not make your web page too long.
  2. Do not put unnecessary details in the introductory part of the text.
  3. Do not include information in the end of the article.
  4. Avoid usage of too many graphics.
  5. Avoid using copyrighted material i.e., text, images and video.
  6. Do not embed all links in a paragraph.
  7. Lines and paragraphs in the text must be properly set.
  8. Avoid usage of stylish fonts in the text.
  9. Do not use less font size.

Things to learn:

  1. Design your web page in average size.
  2. Highlight the most interesting detail in the beginning lines of the text.
  3. Use graphics judiciously.
  4. Links in the text of the web page must consist of keywords.
  5. Use simple fonts.
  6. The size of the fonts must be reasonable.
  7. Always give credit to the source provider of any written text, images and videos.
  8. Provide text in all graphic elements.
  9. The background and text must be of contrast colors.

Thus, some of the basic guidelines have been cited to help you build successful websites. Any suggestions of web visitors are welcome, which will add up to this strategy of building successful websites.

Guest article by Debdulal Dey