• 2010-02-25
  •   SEO

A great way to get ranked in organic search is blogging. Blogs that implement On-Page SEO are more successful. If you are new to the SEO game, it may be time that you find a Search Engine Optimization firm that can help you get started.

Statistics show that 85% of people clicking on search results are following links that occurred organically. This doesn’t mean that Herbal Essence is making a huge comeback. What it does mean is that in today’s recessionary environment, no one can afford to take a passive approach to online optimization. Organic search traffic is a very large opportunity for search engine marketing and optimization utilities, but how do companies or people get found in this legitimate pool of thousands? A great way to get there is blogging.

Blogging isn’t as unprofessional as its stigmata once insinuated. The reality between blogs and web pages is blurring quickly. Blogs now have higher engagement and conversion rates than what you would consider traditional websites. But we all know how the second verse of this song goes, it all depends upon the relevance of your content, in order to be successful in the search rankings. You still need to implement all the On-Page SEO tactics that any full-blown SEO campaign will require: keyword optimization in copy, title tags, meta tags, etc. without stuffing it full of redundancy.

In Search Engine Optimization, your blog title is critical. Common sense tells us that if there are search engine spiders crawling your page to find out what it’s about, most likely they are going to begin with the title. Put the keywords and phrases that you are targeting in your blog titles.

Blogging is ideal for SEO because it gives you an unlimited palate to put tons of content on a page. But be sure to stay on topic and don’t over-saturate. You want to use your keywords, but only to the extent that it sounds natural. Roughly five percent of your word count should be keywords or phrases. Know the competitiveness of your keywords. It is strategically smart to target terms that have less than 2 million competing pages, otherwise you will be lost at sea.

There is no such thing as too much content. You should be posting a blog almost everyday, in order to keep your site fresh and your readers coming back for more. Blog volume is critical. If you are a large company that is targeting tons of traffic, than you should be blogging everyday. If you are smaller and can only handle so much business, than blog only a few times a week.

In business, engagement creates leads. If your blog can be engaging, you will find that your conversion rates will increase accordingly. If you are not creating dialogue around your blog posts, then you are not focusing on conversions, just ideal conversation. If you are getting paid to talk, then more power to you. But most people who talk a lot at work are called sales personnel.

If you are new to the SEO game, it may be time that you find a Search Engine Optimization firm that can help you get started. Volacci is the leading Drupal SEO company and very passionate about your online success. By the end of your contract you will have at least as much additional business from your web site as you spend on our services... or we'll work for free until you do.

Guest article by Ethan Luke