• 2010-03-18
  •   SEO

Google evaluates several factors in determining page rank for web pages. Among many of them, backlinks are among the most important and the easiest to generate. The more links directed to your web pages, especially if these links come from high-ranking sites, the higher page rank you will get from Google. Here are some ways on how to generate a large number of quality backlinks to your website:


Browse through blogs and e-how articles and make a relevant and useful comment. Insert a link leading to your website but avoid being too hard-sell. Better yet, sign up as a member of reputable and high-traffic sites like e-how so that backlinks are automatically generated each time you make a comment. Drop comments on articles related to your subject matter and use a casual and approachable tone.


Build an extensive profile in related forums and message boards and participate in reader discussions. Search engine bots also go over forums so post replies on relevant topics. Look for forums that are related to your business. There are also forums and message boards that cover broader topics and might host threads that you can participate in. Make sure your comments are helpful to other readers as well. With every forum post you make, you generate more backlinks to your website. Make it a habit to make forum posts regularly. Also, include your URL in your forum profiles and your signature.


You can write related articles and submit them to directories or post them to other blogs then include a link leading to your main blog or website. Many website owners create niche-specific blogs that publish articles related to their business. Commenting on other relevant blogs also generates quality backlinks so take some time visiting and browsing through other blogs and participating in discussions on the comments section.

Submission to Search Engines

Once you have successfully generated them through the given methods above, submit your articles to search engines. There are actually hundreds of search engines in operation worldwide and find out which ones of them are most popular. The more search engines you submit links to the better page rank and the more traffic you get. Search engines also do a lot to contribute to the popularity of your articles thus, helping improve your online credibility and your authority on your subject. Eventually, other reputable websites will start noticing you and post links directing to your site on their websites.

Guest article by Shawni Groezinger