• 2010-03-29
  •   SEO

CSS galleries are a little out of ordinary yet useful link building technique. If you have a website or blog based on CSS design, you are qualified for the gallery submission. If your design is approved, your site then will be showcased on the galleries with a backlink to your site.

GSS galleries basically showcase sites that have CSS based design. Just like art galleries where arts are displayed, online CSS galleries are sites where CSS designs are displayed. Since these galleries allow the site owner or site creators an opportunity to submit their designs including the site info and URL, both the designers and site owners are using it to their advantages. Site designers are submitting their designs to promote their designs or their design service and site owners are using it to get backlinks and traffic to their sites.

How to Submit to CSS Galleries

Just think of a directory submission or social bookmarking submission where you submit your site to link directories or social bookmarking sites. Just the same way you submit your site design using a screenshot or site preview image. Most sites will require you to submit your site name, URL, and basic design or site info. Your submission is subject to moderation as most of those galleries are moderated.

Benefits of CSS Gallery Submission

It is unbelievable to see how high these CSS gallery sites go in page ranks. Not almost, all these CSS galleries have high PR where some of those galleries are as high as PR6 or even PR7. Since this method of link building is little out of tradition and somewhat unique, not many people are still using this to build backlinks. You basically get a high PR backlinks form the sites that don't have too many external links. High PR and less external links compared to link directories or social bookmarking sites gives your link a very high value.

Another benefit of CSS gallery submission is that you can get a lot of traffic to your site a lot of traffic to your site since most of those galleries are high traffic sites.

The Value of High PR and High Traffic Backlinks

We all know by now that the value of backlinks matter most these days than the number of backlinks. It is no longer how many backlinks you have that determines your ranking, it is where you are getting the backlinks form. High traffic and high PR sites already gained that trust from Google and have certain authority established. Taking advantage of these high value backlinks will be a must for any link building campaign.

Since it doesn't require you to spend any money to gain these backlinks, you do not have any excuse for not utilizing this link building technique. Just do a search for CSS gallery or CSS galleries and you will run into lot of those galleries.

Some galleries might require you to sign up in order to be able to submit you site, you will therefore need to register first. Even if it takes a few minutes to register, it will still be worth your while.

Guest article by Anwar Alam