Here is a list of MySQL's command line client commands to navigate through the databases and their tables.

First run the client program by entering the following at the command line:

mysql -u root -p

The -u option is for passing the username. So change root to the username you have access to. And the -p options prompts you for your password. You can omit it if your username does not have a password. Now at the mysql> prompt try the following commands:

show databases; List the names of the databases on the server.
use database_name; Select a database to access its contents. e.g.: use college;
show tables; List the names of tables in the currently selected database.
desc table_name; List the structure of the table. Field names, data types and attributes. e.g.: desc student_courses;
show indexes from table_name; Display a detailed list of the indexes of a table. e.g.: show indexes from student_courses;

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