The new version of SnipsManager is available for download. We fixed some bugs and added a few more features:

  • Fixed the text wrapping bug in snippets containing long strings of text without spaces.
  • Improved snippet submission summary page, parse.php.
  • Added a Use CAPTCHA checkbox to the snippet submission page to display a CAPTCHA image before displaying the snippet. Useful for snippets that you don't want indexed by search engines.
  • Added URL shortening. Now snippet links are instead of
  • Added a few more functions for those of you integrating SnipsManager with other scripts: ch_getcodetitle: Get a snippets title. ch_codeexists: Checks if the supplied snippet ID exists in the codes table. ch_getcodepassword: Returns a snippet's password. ch_getcodecaptcha: Checks if the code should ask for CAPTCHA. ch_getcodetype: Returns a snippet's programming language/script ID.

We also posted updated the FAQ.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You can also visit the features page for a complete list of the features and try the online demo of the front end and admin area.