Malicious Visual Studio Code Snippets

Although such threats are not common, but a developer can create a malicious Visual Studio code snippet in three different ways. The first is of course writing the malicious code straight into the snippet's code …

What are Code Snippets in Visual Studio

Code Snippets are ready-made snippets of code that can be inserted in your code. They improve the developers efficiency and accuracy because they reduces typing and help code reuse.

Installing the AJAX Controls Toolkit 3.5

The AJAX Controls Toolkit is an open source toolkit developed by Microsoft and the ASP.NET community. The latest version is for .NET 3.5 and it contains 38 client side components used to create Rich Internet …

Visual Studio's "The Project Location is not Trusted" Message

Just like all the other developers using Visual Studio, I got this message too. The reason I wrote this post is every post I found about this message gives one of the two reasons listed …

Some of Visual Studio's Shortcuts

Here are some Visual Studio shortcuts that helped me increase my coding speed.